Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

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DOMI’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program aims to increase the safety and comfort of people travelling by all modes through a neighborhood by reducing excessive motorist speeds on residential neighborhood streets. DOMI has recorded data at all their Traffic Calming Project locations. This data can be found here.

Eligibility and Prioritization

To be considered a potential project under the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, a street first must pass DOMI’s initial Eligibility Screen. When you submit an application, DOMI staff will first verify that the street meets the following criteria:

  • Be owned by the City of Pittsburgh;
  • Have a maximum of two travel lanes if two-way street and one travel lane if one-way;
  • Be a local street, collector, or minor arterial;
  • Have a roadway grade less than or equal to 13%.

Applications passing the initial Eligibility Screen will be evaluated by staff for their speed and volume of traffic. If the application passes the Speed Threshold (85th percentile speed must be 5 mph or more than the posted speed limit), then staff will score the street using the following engineering criteria as well as the DOMI Equity Index: 

  • Speed;
  • Volume;
  • Crash history;
  • Pedestrian generators; and
  • Presence of sidewalks.

Request Neighborhood Traffic Calming 

To request that your street be considered for Neighborhood Traffic Calming, complete the following Google form.

At this time, DOMI is not requiring residents to submit a petition and collect signatures.


DOMI Review Process and Timeline

If your street passes the Eligibility Screen, staff will collect speed and volume data. The turnaround on this data collection will depend on how many applications come in each month. Streets that meet the speed threshold are placed on the eligible list, and DOMI staff score the projects on this list using the prioritization criteria.

Note: Even if your street meets all of DOMI’s eligibility criteria and is on the list of potential projects, it still may not be selected for the final list of traffic calming projects. DOMI receives limited funding for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program each year and can only select a handful of projects to construct.However, your street will remain on the list of potential projects the following year.

If your street is selected for a traffic calming project, the resident who submitted the application and their council district will be notified before traffic calming elements are installed.

If you have any further questions about the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, please email us at

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