View the preliminary site plan here. This design is subject to change.

Located in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, Wightman Park and the eponymous street on which it is located are named for Thomas Wightman, an early glass magnate and owner of the Wightman Glass Company. The park space complements the Wightman School Community Building, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. It now houses the Carriage House Child Care Center and community organizations such as Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition and Trying Together.

Today, Wightman Park is an important civic and recreational space for residents and visitors alike. The park serves as the home for Pittsburgh sports leagues, including 14th Ward Baseball, Squirrel Hill Baseball, Dynamo Soccer, and more.

The Office of Pittsburgh City Council District 8 led a comprehensive community process through both in-person meetings with neighbors, frequent park users, and stakeholders and online engagement to identify priorities for an overhaul of Wightman Park.

Through this public process, the community helped to create a master plan for an improved Wightman Park. The plan calls for two new entry plazas on Solway and Wightman Streets, a walking path around a multi-purpose green space, three distinct play areas for children of differing ages and abilities, accessible restroom facilities, and a community shelter that can be rented for events. While paying homage to its industrial namesake through the inclusion of glass elements, the plan also calls for sustainable improvements that point to Pittsburgh’s green future.

In an effort to improve drainage and combat stormwater-related issues in the surrounding Squirrel Hill community, the site will be regraded and will incorporate significant green infrastructure elements, including a large infiltration pond, rain gardens, wetlands, additional landscaping, and improved curb cuts on the streets flanking the park.

To view the final design informed by input from the community, please click here.