Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership (SHIP)

The Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership repairs and weatherizes the homes of veterans, seniors, and disabled residents in collaboration with local nonprofits and citizen volunteers.

Military veterans face significant financial and physical hardships upon returning from deployment to civilian life, and many are in need of home accessibility modifications due to war-related injuries.  The Partnership will secondarily focus on improving the homes and lives of two similarly deserving populations – seniors and the disabled.

While a home is the biggest investment most people make, today it’s also their biggest expense.  As a result, many deserving families are one major home repair away from financial disaster, which can ultimately force them out of the home that brings them comfort and security.

You may qualify to apply to receive home repair and weatherization services if you:

  • are a veteran*, senior, and/or disabled resident.
  • have an income lower than 200% of poverty.

*SHIP considers veterans to be individuals who served in the military as active duty, National Guard, or in the Reserves. 

Available services include:

  • Handicapped accessibility upgrades
  • Weatherization
  • Health & safety upgrades
  • Plumbing, electrical, and utility improvements
  • Structural integrity upgrades
  • Homeowner counseling services

For more information about how you can access services, please contact  412-281-9773 or

The Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership is a joint effort of the City's servePGH initiative, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development, The Home Depot Foundation, and the following organizations:

We are grateful to The Home Depot Foundation for its investment in the Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership and its national commitment to vibrant and sustainable communities. In addition to the funding provided by The Home Depot Foundation, the Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership relies on dedicated volunteers who care about making their neighborhoods clean, safe, and green. For this reason, it is supported by The City of Pittsburgh's servePGH initiative, which promotes citizen service to impact local challenges.

For interested residents

For interested volunteers

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