Redd Up Zone Application

Please either fill out the online application below, or if you would prefer to fill out a hardcopy version of the application, please click on the "Redd Up Zone Application - Print Version" link above and print out the file. Print applications can be returned to the Office of Mayor William Peduto, c/o Redd Up Zone, 512 City-County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

If you have any questions or would like more details, please call 412-255-2280 or email

Primary Contact Information
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Tentative Cleanup Dates

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Redd Up Zone Agreement

As the designated primary contact person for my Redd Up Zone volunteer group, I agree to:

  • Adopt at least 1/2 mile of City streets by completing a minimum of four (4) cleanups each year along the adopted streets for the next two years. By adopting a Redd Up Zone, I am taking responsibility for the cleanliness of that zone. Cleanups should be completed as necessary, with a minimum of four (4) cleanups occurring each year.
  • Contact the Redd Up Zone Coordinator at least two (2) weeks prior to the cleanup event in order to request supplies and coordinate the event.
  • Assure that all volunteers are responsible individuals and that participating minors under the age of 18 are provided with adult supervision.
  • Assure that all volunteers are physically able to perform cleanup tasks.
  • Discuss safety precautions with volunteers using the Redd Up Zone Safety First Guidelines (provided upon acceptance).  Volunteers should avoid contact with items that have the potential to be hazardous or cause injury, such as heavy objects or syringes, needles, used prophylactics, animal carcasses, etc.
  • Have volunteers sign-in for each cleanup using both the Redd Up Zone Volunteer Sign-In sheet and Wavier Sheet (provided upon acceptance). The sign-in sheet and wavier sheet must be returned to the Office of Mayor William Peduto after each cleanup.
  • Report information on all cleanups, whether or not trash pick-up is needed, to the Redd Up Zone Coordinator.
  • Report all concerns or issues along the adopted segment using the Neighborhood Concerns Form (provided upon acceptance) for each cleanup.
  • Assure that the Redd Up Zone Supply Kit and all unused supplies are returned within three (3) business days after each cleanup to the Public Works Traffic Division at 2625 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

The City of Pittsburgh agrees to:

  • Provide supplies for cleanup operations. Supplies include garbage bags, gloves, and the Redd Up Zone Supply Kit.
  • Install two Redd Up Zone signs at requested locations, recognizing the efforts of the group, organization, or business. 
  • Coordinate the removal and disposal of two or more full bags of collected litter and/or compostable street debris and leaves from the project site at no cost to volunteers.
  • Amend concerns or issues as reported by groups in the Neighborhood Concerns Form (provided upon acceptance), as feasible.


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telephone: 412-255-2280

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