Promise Coaches Campaign - Becoming a Promise Coach
Get in the game.

Becoming a Promise Coach is simple, and only requires one 90-minute training! You can be a family member, a neighbor, a teacher, or a friend. All you need is the passion to help young people realize their potential and the commitment to follow through. Promise Coaches are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Join the Promise Coaches Campaign and help make a positive difference in the lives of Pittsburgh youth and ensure they are on the road to educational and career success.

In each training, volunteers will learn how to engage in constructive conversations with youth and how to access resources such as graduation requirements and FAFSA information.

As a Promise Coach you can be the positive role model in a young person's life as they achieve their educational goals.

All Promise Coaches Pledge to:

  1. Support Pittsburgh's youth through high school graduation and beyond by exposing them to college and career pathways;
  2. Promote a college-going culture in our City;
  3. Communicate with young people the importance of educational success to their future and to Pittsburgh’s communities;
  4. Access a wide range of resources that are available to me so I am equipped to support Pittsburgh youths' educational success; and
  5. Recruit more adults to support our City's young people by becoming Promise Coaches.



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