Be a Middle School Mentor!


"One of the most important things you can do is impact a child's life in a positive way."

-Tamara Davis, Personnel and Finance Supervisor, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and mentor with the Be A Middle School Mentor Program

Be a Middle School Mentor!


“I'm grateful to be allowed to watch his development and play a role as a supportive adult friend. I truly don't think there's anything better I could do with my time.”

-Mentor with the Be A Middle School Mentor Program

Be a Middle School Mentor!


“My ‘little’ is so smart and so sweet and has BIG goals for her life. I hope, down the road, she'll feel that I helped if even just a little."

-Mentor with the Be A Middle School Mentor Program

Be a Middle School Mentor!


“Not only have I been able to take pleasure in the knowledge that I am helping make a difference in a person’s life, my community and the world, my mentee has also helped make a difference in me!”

-Mentor with the Be A Middle School Mentor Program

Mayor's Mentoring Initiative
Mayor's Mentoring Initiative
About the Mayor's Mentoring Initiative:

The Mayor’s Mentoring Initiative is the City of Pittsburgh’s first-ever employee volunteer program.  Full-time City employees are eligible to serve as mentors to Pittsburgh Public School students during the work week through one of two local mentoring opportunities: the United Way of Allegheny County’s Be A Middle School Mentor Program and Reading is Fundamental Pittsburgh’s Everybody Wins! program, an affiliate of Everybody Wins! USA.

Through the Mayor's Mentoring Initiative City employees are offered leave time to serve as mentors to Pittsburgh Public School students during the work week.  In the past three years, nearly 100 City employees dedicated time each week to mentor local middle school students and read to elementary school students in schools across the City.

City employees can choose to mentor with either the Be a Middle School Mentor program or Reading is Fundamental Pittsburgh’s Everybody Wins! program- an opportunity for volunteers to spend one lunch hour each week reading with an elementary school student.  According to the National Institute of Education, reading aloud with a child is the most important activity you can do to help them learn to read. 

The Be a Middle School Mentor Program is the largest mentoring project in the region's history, initiated by the leadership of the Youth Futures Commission and developed through the collaboration of United Way of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Reading is Fundamental Pittsburgh's Everybody Wins! program is an affiliate of Everybody Wins! USA, a national literacy and mentoring organization that strives to build literacy skills and a love of reading among elementary school students.  This lunchtime literacy and mentoring program pairs elementary school students with volunteers to share conversation and good books for one hour a week.

City employees interested in serving through either of these programs will have the opportunity to apply to be a mentor in late summer/early fall.

If you are not a City employee and are interested in serving as a mentor, please check out the Be A Middle School Mentor Program website and the Reading is Fundamental Pittsburgh website for more information.

If you have any questions, please call 412-255-2280 or email


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