Apply now for Love Your [Resilient] Block 2017!

 The City of Pittsburgh invites you to apply to the 2017 Love Your [Resilient] Block program. Projects will be selected to build resilience in their neighborhoods and transform their blocks with a $1,500 grant and the support of key City Departments! 


Application Deadline: January 6, 2017

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Best Block Transformation Award Winner!


The Best Block Transformation Award Winner is Spring Hill Civic League!  SHCL and volunteers landscaped a highly visible lot at the community entrance. They weeded, planted flowers and scrubs and layed mulch to a vacant lot that is home to a mosaic art piece exhibiting the history of the Spring Hill nieghborhood.


Congratulations Spring Hill!

Making an Impact!


"The project looked enormous when we first started and there were doubts expressed that we would complete it in time. [But] We did it, and the high-fives showed the feeling of accomplishment everyone was feeling."


- Christina HowellBloomfield Development Corporation

Getting Things Done!

"We have a new sense of community responsibility - where we are all accountable for creating a better Pittsburgh."

- Tera McIntosh, The Hazelwood Initiative


"This program helps tear down the barriers between what neighborhood groups may want to do and lets them actually accomplish it."

Ben Soltesz, Spring Hill Civic League

Creating Community Involvement!

"With the volunteers, the transformation of the site would not occur without many hours and days of continued efforts. They arrived in numbers and helped transform the site quickly. The best part of the event day was using it to foster excitement for the future of Beechview and bringing people together.."

- Joe Wingenfeld, Beechivew Business Distric Revitalization Project



Love Your [Resilient] Block - Guidelines

Most importantly, call us with questions. We’d love to speak with you! If you would like project guidance or have questions about resilience, please contact Alexander Cupo at 215-285-5030 or Emily Costello at 814-360-6858. If you have questions regarding the application, please contact Lex Janes at 412-255-4795.

Please consider the following in planning your project:

  1. All projects must benefit the public and sites should be visible from the street or another public space.

  2. There are different guidelines for private vs. public property.

    • You can check who owns your proposed project site here.

    • If you would like to work on private property, we will need written permission from the property owner. A sample property permission form is here.

    • If you would like to work on City property, give us a call and tell us your project idea. We’ll help inform what the City will permit or what challenges may arise.

  3. We encourage community art projects, however we do not recommend art projects on City property under the Love Your [Resilient] Block program.

  4. All structures, on City or private property, are subject to the receipt of permits from Zoning and the Bureau of Building Inspection.

    • Structures include fences, sheds, walls, and signs. All must be illustrated on a scaled site plan, at a minimum.

    •  In addition, if you require a permit, the project site must have an address. But don't worry; we will help you!

  5. Many projects on City property will be subject to Art Commission approval. If you’ve never attended a public hearing, this is a great opportunity for you to learn how that process works!

  6. Grantees may be eligible to purchase or rent equipment, however the equipment must remain under the ownership of a community group. 

    • Final approval of your budget is always subject to City approval.

  7. While faith-based organizations may participate in Love Your [Resilient] Block, the City will not fund projects involving religious activity or practices.

    • Make sure your proposed project would be inclusive and welcoming to all residents.

In planning for strong and successful projects, consider the following:

  1. Build strong partnerships

    • Consider having local businesses come out and lend a hand or donate food or materials.

    • Recruit volunteers from a local VFW post, or have a service-learning component for youth.

  2. Leverage donations

    • Consider having residents donate plants, compost material, or food for your volunteer event day.

  3. ‚ÄčMake sure it’s feasible

    • We love creative ideas- but don’t bite off more than you can chew! If you have a huge idea, make Love Your Block a first step in the right direction and secure some other partners that can assist with your plans for the future.

  4. ‚ÄčEngage neighbors

    • While your volunteers can come from anywhere, we’ve found that the most impactful projects utilize volunteers within close proximity to the project. People like to be a part of what’s happening next door, and are more likely to maintain and sustain the project afterward if they helped plan and implement it.


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