Apply now for Love Your [Resilient] Block 2017!

 The City of Pittsburgh invites you to apply to the 2017 Love Your [Resilient] Block program. Projects will be selected to build resilience in their neighborhoods and transform their blocks with a $1,500 grant and the support of key City Departments! 


Application Deadline: January 6, 2017

Click Here to Apply! 

Best Block Transformation Award Winner!


The Best Block Transformation Award Winner is Spring Hill Civic League!  SHCL and volunteers landscaped a highly visible lot at the community entrance. They weeded, planted flowers and scrubs and layed mulch to a vacant lot that is home to a mosaic art piece exhibiting the history of the Spring Hill nieghborhood.


Congratulations Spring Hill!

Making an Impact!


"The project looked enormous when we first started and there were doubts expressed that we would complete it in time. [But] We did it, and the high-fives showed the feeling of accomplishment everyone was feeling."


- Christina HowellBloomfield Development Corporation

Getting Things Done!

"We have a new sense of community responsibility - where we are all accountable for creating a better Pittsburgh."

- Tera McIntosh, The Hazelwood Initiative


"This program helps tear down the barriers between what neighborhood groups may want to do and lets them actually accomplish it."

Ben Soltesz, Spring Hill Civic League

Creating Community Involvement!

"With the volunteers, the transformation of the site would not occur without many hours and days of continued efforts. They arrived in numbers and helped transform the site quickly. The best part of the event day was using it to foster excitement for the future of Beechview and bringing people together.."

- Joe Wingenfeld, Beechivew Business Distric Revitalization Project



Love Your [Resilient] Block - About the Program

Love Your [Resilient] Block is a City of Pittsburgh program, made possible through a partnership with Cities of Service and Peoples Gas, to revitalize our City block by block!

Here's how it works:

  1. Nonprofit organizations from across Pittsburgh are invited to propose projects to build resilience in their blocks with up to $1,500 in funds and the support of key City Departments.
  2. Competitive projects will be selected, after which City agencies will engage with awarded group members and listen to their block improvement requests.
  3. They will then proceed to carry out the requested services, as feasible.
  4. With grant money, the selected groups purchase equipment and supplies, engage their neighbors, and roll up their sleeves to carry out their own brand of block beautification and repair.
  5. Make sure you rally volunteers and put forth your best effort as there is an award of $3,000 given to the most impressive block transformation, to be used by the winning community group for future site improvements. 


The City of Pittsburgh is grateful to Cities of Service and Peoples Gas for their investment in Love Your Block and its commitment to vibrant and sustainable communities.

Peoples Gas

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