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2014 National Night Out

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National Night Out 2014 Planning Guide

Download your own Planning guide.  Also offered is a template for you to make your own Event Flyer!

If you need barricades for your event, please register for a permit from the Department of Public Works at 611 Second Ave. If you need "no parking" signs, you can obtain them at the Special Events Office at 200 Ross St. If you have registered you event with the city, fees will be waived. 

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Zoom in on the location of the event. Click the map to pinpoint a location, and the coordinates will appear below the map. If you would like to change the location, double click the pinpoint that was just added to remove it, then click the map again, to set the new location pinpoint and coordinates will be updated. Upon approval, your event location information will be used on our City-wide National Night Out Event Map.

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