Disruptive Properties

Since Disruptive Properties place a substantial threat and burden on the common health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of Pittsburgh, the Public Safety Director is authorized to charge the cost of law enforcement to the property owner in order to deter repeated violations of state and local law. When a property violation remains unabated for an unreasonably long period of time, misdemeanor charges may result.

Disruptive Properties
Department of Public Safety
414 Grant Street, Rm. 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-4789

A property is declared "disruptive" after it has received 3 notices of disruptive activity within a 1 year window. A disruptive activity is defined as a violation of any of the ordinances and statutes found in the table below.

Statute Code Violation
601.03 City Soliciting Business
601.04 City Noise Control
601.06 City Intersexual Massage
601.07 City Unlicensed Alcohol or Liquor Sale
601.08 City Alcohol or Liquor Consumption on Streets or Sidewalks
604 City Curfew
607.03 City Discharging Firearm or Airgun
607.05 City Archery and Slingshots
609 City Noxious Weeds, Excessively High Grass and Refuse
613.02 City Obscene Materials
613.03 City Dissemination of Explicit Sexual Materials to Minors
613.04 City Admitting Minors to Shows
615 City Any
616 City Any
619.04 City Accumulation of Muncipal Waste
633.08 City Dogs at Large
633.09 City Harboring a Nuisance
633.11 City Nondomestic Canine/Feline and Hybrids
633.12 City Number of Pets Permitted in City Limits
633.20 City Dangerous Dogs
635.02 City Fowl at Large
4304 State Endangering the Welfare of Children
5501 State Riot
5502 State Failure to Disperse
5503 State Disorderly Conduct
5505 State Public Drunkenness
5506 State Loitering
5511 State Cruelty to Animals
5512 State Lotteries
5513 State Gambling Devices, Gambling
5514 State Pool Selling and Bookmaking
5901 State Open Lewdness
5902 State Prostitution
5903 State Obscene and Other Sexual Materials and Performances
5904 State Public Exhibition of Insane or Deformed Person
6101 State PA Uniform Firearms Act
6110.1 State Possession of Firearm by Minor
6301 State Corruption of Minors
6308 State Purchase, Consumption, or Possession of Alcoholic Beverages
6310 State Inducement to Buy Alcoholic Beverages
6310.1 State Selling or Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minors
6310.7 State Selling or Furnishing Nonalcoholic Beverages to Minors
6319 State Solicitation of Minors to Traffic Drugs
6501 State Scattering Rubbish

Appeals Board Members

All members of the Board must be residents of the City of Pittsburgh. At least one member must be a current rental property owner or manager. 

List of 9 candidates submitted by Council

Ms. Aggie Brose, Chair
Term Expires 12/31/2021
Dr. Jerome B. McKinney
Term Expires 12/31/2021
Debra James Bailey
Term Expires 7/29/2021
Charlene Haislip
Term Expires 7/29/2021
Scott Richardson
Term Expires 6/30/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a property get declared disruptive?

  • A property is declared disruptive after 3 violations of the above ordinances/statutes within a 1 year period. Upon being cited for any of these violations, the property owner can appeal the Notice of Disruptive Activity to the Disruptive Properties Appeal Board. If the Board overturns the Notice of Disruptive Activity, it does not count against the property as one of the requisite "three strikes" needed to declare the property disruptive.

What happens if my property is declared disruptive?

  • If a property accumulates 3 Notices of Disruptive Activity within 1 year, the property is declared Disruptive. A Disruptive Property notification means that the property owner will be charged for any and all future public safety service calls to the property. However, if law enforcement authorities are not called to the property for 12 consecutive months, then the property will no longer be classified as Disruptive.

I got a Notice of Disruptive Activity in the mail. What do I do?

  • Upon receiving a Notice of Disruptive Activity, a property owner is permitted to appeal the Notice to the Disruptive Property Appeals Board. The Board will then decide to uphold the Notice or overturn it. Overturned notices are removed from the system and do not count as part of the 3-notice total required to declare a property disruptive.

For any other questions contact the Department of Public Safety at 412-255-4789