Department of Public Safety
Plans defined for potential flood areas

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl along with City council members and emergency response officials today will be visiting the flood prone neighborhoods of Esplen, North Shore and Duck Hollow.

"We're going to be talking to our residents about the real flood risk that is right around the corner and preparing them for the fact that they may be urged to evacuate," Ravenstahl said. "Hopefully, we get through this without that happening, but we are ready to take every action necessary to keep our residents safe. We need them to be ready to protect themselves and their neighbors and to evacuate immediately if the order is given."

City firefighters today will also be canvassing the neighborhoods of Esplen, North Shore, Duck Hollow, Becks Run and Saw Mill Run to make sure that residents and businesses are aware of their flood risk and prepared to evacuate if needed. A one-page sheet of evacuation information and safety tips will be handed out. Firefighters will take note of citizens who are unable to evacuate due to transportation or medical needs.

"If somebody needs help, we're going in to help them," Ravenstahl said. "We have some sandbagging resources available for businesses and residents who are in need."

If businesses or residents are in need of sandbagging resources, they may call 311. Public safety officials will evaluate and determine the distribution of those materials based on the need.

Click Here for Evacuation Plans

Thursday, March 11, 2010
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