Department of Public Safety

(PITTSBURGH) Feb. 11, 2009 - City Public Works crews and contractors will continue to “blitz” the city’s worst snow-covered neighborhoods throughout the night.

For live shots, crews will be working in Squirrel Hill and the South Side throughout the night and early morning.

Public Safety

At the request of the City, the Parking Authority will be suspending fees and enforcement on Parking Authority surface lots and metered parking through Tuesday.

With the improved roads, the Pennsylvania National Guard (PANG) demobilized their mission in assisting residents with transportation. Since their deployment last Sunday, they have been paired up with City firefighters and have responded to nearly 300 calls dispatched from 311, transporting residents to dialysis and picking up prescriptions.

“We are so grateful for the support that the people of Pittsburgh received from the Pennsylvania National Guard,” Ravenstahl said. “They have assisted our paramedics, officers, and firefighters in our mission to keep our residents safe during this blizzard and we will be forever thankful for their partnership.”

A limited number of PANG HumVees and Guard men and women will remain to assist public safety efforts if they arise.

The Pennsylvania Air National Guard will be sending six vehicles to assist with resident needs tomorrow, namely dialysis transport.


The City’s response line has been beefed up with 16 lines and operating 24-hours. Representatives took more than 2,000 calls today, ten-times their normal daily call volume. Throughout the evening hours today, call volume reduced dramatically.

City Services

All refuse/recycling services continue to be suspended until further notice.

The City takes care of 2,000 miles of City roads. About 45 percent of those roads are primary roads, or main arteries such as West Liberty Avenue; about 50 percent are secondary roads or residential thoroughfares; and the remaining are side streets and alleyways known as tertiary roads.

Friday, February 12, 2010
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