Department of Public Safety

(PITTSBURGH) Feb. 10, 2009 - City Public Works and Public Safety personnel continue to work around the clock to keep residents safe and streets treated.

Public Works

Crews today are operating with 130 pieces of equipment.

Public Safety

Pennsylvania National Guardsmen (PANG) will continue to support public safety efforts, ensuring that paramedics, firefighters, and officers can get to the most hard-to-reach calls. Paramedics and officers are all working extended shifts. All City firefighters have been called in to their station and are out on the streets when not on a call helping residents in any way they can.

City police officers yesterday knocked on the doors of about 200 homes of residents who are still without power, checking on their needs and letting them know the services available. They will continue to do this today.

City senior center staff are working with Allegheny County's Agency on Aging to ensure that seniors who are registered for programs like meals and wheels and who are disabled are delivered their services.

PANG will continue responding to 311 calls from residents who need assistance with critical pharmacy pickups and dialysis treatments.


The City's response line is operating 24-hours. Since 8 a.m. today, 311 has facilitated rides for more than 65 residents. Yesterday representatives took more than 2,000 calls and organized transportation for more than 100 residents in rides to dialysis, pharmacy pick ups, and help with shoveling and the like.

Warming Centers

The South Side Market House will operate until 8 p.m. tonight. Four residents stayed there last night and the City is working with the Red Cross to provide shelter tonight.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
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