City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Street Beat Pittsburgh
Polar Plunge
Back to School
Forensic Science Crime Unit
Animal Safety
Bike Safety
Special Olympics
Healthy Active Living Centers
Anti-Theft from Vehicles Campaign
Police Foundation and POISE Foundation
North Shore Community Alliance
Gun Tracking & Straw Purchasing
School Bus Safety - October 2011
Water Safety & Boating Safely - August 2011
Auto Squad - June 2011
Urban Pathways - May 2011
Police Recruitment - March 2011
Fire Safety Tips - December 2010
RED Team - November 2010
Abandoned Vehicles - Aug 2010
Crossing Guards - Aug 2010
Moms and Cops - April 2010
PBP and PSP Collaborative - April 2010
Burglary Squad - Dec. 2009
Chaplain Corps - Aug. 2009
Bomb Squad - May 2009
SSD Specialty Units - March 2009
River Rescue Unit - Sept. 2008
K-9 Unit - Sept. 2008
Motor Unit - Sept. 2008
S.O.A.R. - Aug. 2008
Episode Archive
October 2013Polar Plunge
August 2013Back to School
July 2013Forensic Science Unit
April 2013Bike Safety
March 2013Special Olympics
February 2013Healthy Active Living Centers
October 2012Anti-Theft from Vehicles Campaign
August 2012Police Foundation and POISE Foundation
June 2012North Shore Community Alliance
November 2011Gun Tracking & Straw Purchasing
October 2011School Bus Safety
August 2011Water Safety & Boating Safely
June 2011Auto Squad
May 2011Urban Pathways Charter School
March 2011Police Academy Recruitment
December 2010Fire Safety Tips
November 2010RED Team
August 2010Abandoned Vehicles
August 2010Crossing Guards
May 2010MOMS and COPS
April 2010PBP and PSP Collaborative
December 2009Burglary Squad
August 2009Chaplain Corps
May 2009Bomb Squad
March 2009SDD Specialty Units
September 2008River Rescue Unit
September 2008K-9 Unit
September 2008Motor Unit
August 2008S.O.A.R.

Street Beat Pittsburgh is an interactive talk show designed to inform Pittsburgh Residents of the present and proactive initiatives being shared by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, citizens, human services groups and the community at large.

Street Beat Pittsburgh is part of Mayor Ravenstahl's initiative to showcase the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and its proactive educational and safety initiatives.

Street Beat Pittsburgh is written, produced, and hosted by Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Public Information Officer, Diane Richard.

Street Beat Pittsburgh airs daily at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Stay tuned to City Channel Pittsburgh for air times on specialty segments (airing times are subject to change).


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