City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Operations Division

The Operations Branch, under the command of Assistant Chief Anna Kudrav, includes six police zones and the Special Deployment Division (SDD) which includes Traffic, Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), Street Response Unit (SRU), Collision Investigation Unit, Explosives Ordinance Disposal team, and the staff at the Tow Pound.

Assistant Chief Anna Kudrav
Operations Branch
1203 Western Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Zone 1 Police Station
1501 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15212
Zone 2 Police Station
2000 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
Zone 3 Police Station
830 E Warrington
Pittsburgh, PA  15210
Zone 4 Police Station
5858 Northumberland Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15217
Zone 5 Police Station
1401 Washington Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Zone 6 Police Station
Special Deployment Division
312 S. Main Street
Pittsburgh PA 15220
Tow Pound

The Tow Pound is now privatized. McGann and Chester is the towing contractor for the City.

McGann and Chester Towing
700 Hargrove Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Abandoned Cars

To report an abandoned car, call the Mayor's Office at 412-255-2621. Please be prepared to provide the location, description of the vehicle and license plate number.


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