City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Investigations Branch

The Investigations Branch, under the command of Assistant Chief Lavonnie Bickerstaff, investigates and solves crimes against persons and property. This branch also includes the Office of Family Violence and Missing Persons, as well as Narcotics and Vice, which combats illegal drug manufacture, distribution, sale and use.

Assistant Chief Lavonnie Bickerstaff
1203 Western Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Auto Squad412-323-7168
Arson SquadSend Email412-782-7646
Burglary Squad 412-323-7155
Crime Stoppers 412-255-8477
Crime Unit 412-323-7131
Dignitary & Witness Security 412-323-7843
Firearms Tracking 412-323-7768
Forfeiture & Seizures 412-323-7761
Gang Task Force 412-323-7761
Homicide Squad 412-323-7161
Missing Persons 412-323-7141
Narcotics 412-323-7761
Night Felony Squad 412-323-7147
Nuisance Bar Task Force 412-323-7761
Nuisance Bar Hotline 412-323-7777
Pawn 412-323-7159
Robbery Squad 412-323-7151
Sex Assault/Family Violence 412-323-7141


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