Personnel Policies

These Personnel operating policies have been written to serve as a guide in the employer/employee relationship and to give managers/supervisors general information about the City's policies, practices, and work rules, and guidance/direction regarding implementation and enforcement of the same.

  • If there are differences between the various collective bargaining agreements and these policies, the pertinent collective bargaining agreement takes precedence.
  • These documents are not intended to be comprehensive or to address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described.
    • Therefore, the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission encourages you to read this information thoroughly and to make note of your questions for discussion with either your manager or with a representative from the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission.
  • The City reserves the right, at any time, to modify, rescind, or supplement any or all of the policies contained herein, and to take actions that may be contrary to a policy included in this resource.
    • Changes will be effective on dates as determined by the City, and you may not rely on policies that have been superseded.
  • Furthermore, no statements in this resource are intended to set forth as contractual commitments or obligations of the City to any individual employee or group of employees, or to establish an exception to the employment-at-will doctrine.
    • Unless otherwise specified in the Civil Service Statutes and Rules, or pertinent collective bargaining agreement, both the employer and the employee may at any time terminate the employment relationship, with or without notice, for any reason.
  • Please note that some of the original, official forms are multi-ply documents.
    • The name of each multi-ply form is marked with an asterisk * below.
    • For official submission of these forms, please obtain and use an original, multi-ply form from the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission.

If you have any questions about these documents, please contact the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission at 412-255-2384.



  1. Absence Policy (Sick & Personal Leave Use)
  2. Acceptance of Employment in a Non-Union Position Policy
  3. Act 33/34 Clearance Policy
  4. Acting Pay Policy
  5. ADA Accommodations Policy
  6. Application for Employment & Related Procedures
  7. Application Processing & Background Investigation Policy
  8. Bereavement Leave of Absence Policy
  9. Bidding for Vacant Positions Policy
  10. Break in Service
  11. CDL Driver’s Handbook
  12. Discharge Policy for CS Employees except Police & Fire (not available online)
  13. Discharge of "At Will" Employees
  14. Disciplinary Manual
  15. Domestic Violence Policy
  16. Driver's License/Loss of License Policy
  17. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
  18. Drug Free Workplace (Drugs & Alcohol) Policy
  19. EEO/AA Policy
  20. Electronic Communications Policy
  21. Employee Identification Badge Policy
  22. Employee Leave of Absence Policy
  23. Employee Social Events and Team Building Meetings
  24. Ethics Handbook
  25. Evacuation Plan for the City-County Building 
  26. Fitness for Duty Examinations Policy
  27. Flexible Work Schedule For Non-Union Employees Policy
  28. HIPAA Privacy Policy & Procedures
  29. Hiring Processes Policy - for City of Pittsburgh Departments
  30. Infectious Disease Control Program Exposure Control Manual
  31. Injury Reporting Policy
  32. Job Announcement Policy
  33. Name & Address Change Policy
  34. Nepotism Policy
  35. New Employee On-Boarding and Employee Off-Boarding (Exiting) Policy
  36. New Hires, Rehires, Recalls, Reinstatements, Transfers, Promotions, Demotions and Assignments Policy
  37. No Discrimination/No Harassment/No Retaliation Policy
  38. Non-Work Related Injury/Illness
  39. Notices of Personnel Actions, Interdepartmental Transfer and Promotion Policy
  40. On-Duty Death or Catastrophic Injury
  41. Orientation Program Policy
  42. Overtime Policy for Non-Union Employees
  43. Paid Parental Leave of Absence(Non-Union)
  44. Performance Evaluations – For Non-Union Employees
  45. Personnel File Review Policy for Employees
  46. Personnel Transaction Form and I-9 Policy
  47. Post-Injury Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  48. Pre-Employment /Promotional Real Estate Tax Investigation/Verification
  49. Random Drug Testing – For Fire Bureau Personnel
  50. Reasonable Suspicion for Drug and Alcohol – (for Managers)
  51. Reinstatement for Police Policy
  52. Return of City-Owned Mobile Devices
  53. Return to Work Medical Examinations Policy
  54. Right to Know Policy
  55. Safety Policy
  56. Salary Increment Policy
  57. Smoke Free Workplace Policy
  58. Track I & II EAP Referrals & Track III Agreement
  59. Transitional Duty Employment - Workers' Compensation Program
  60. Tuition Reimbursement Program - Union and Non-Union Employees
  61. Unemployment Compensation Claims and Appeals Processing Policy
  62. Wage Increment Form Policy - Laborers
  63. Waste & Recycling Policy
  64. Workplace Bulletin Board Policy


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