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The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission provides the following employee resources:

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Application & Selection Process Overview

  • At the close of an application period for a position recruitment, the set of submitted applications are reviewed by Personnel Analysts to determine eligibility.
    • Applicant qualifications are considered based on the established minimum requirements.
    • Those who are determined not eligible have the Civil Service ability to appeal the determination to the Civil Service Commission.
  • Some positions require a Civil Service examination as part of the process for determining eligibility.
    • For those types of positions, candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be scheduled for the examination.
    • Those who pass the examination will have their name added to the Civil Service Eligibility List for the position.
    • Lists vary in how long they remain active (See Civil Service Rule IV).
  • For positions that do not require an examination, those who are determined eligible for a position also have their names added to the Eligibility List.
    • Hiring City Department Directors/Bureau Chiefs use the Eligibility Lists to select candidates to interview and/or hire.
    • Many City of Pittsburgh positions are covered under union collective bargaining agreements and therefore union employees may be given first consideration to some positions and/or be contractually obligated to some positions.

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Civil Service Test Tips

Not all City of Pittsburgh positions require a Civil Service examination. Review our current jobs at the Online Employment Center. If a position requires a Civil Service examination it will be specified and a candidate preparation guide for the exam will be supplied online. Be sure to print out the candidate preparation guide after you apply for the position.

  • Before the examination, make sure that you are well rested.
    • Testing experts say that the most sensible preparation for an examination is to get a good night's sleep.
    • Fatigue is recognized as one of the most serious deterrents to successful test performance.
    • Try to arrange your schedule to get a full night of sleep before the examination.
  • On the day of the examination, leave early to go to the testing site.
    • ​You may need extra time to find the testing site or to offset delays due to traffic, parking or bad weather.
      • Give yourself at least 30 extra minutes to arrive at the testing site to ensure that you arrive on time, calm and unhurried.
    • Please note that if you arrive late at the testing site, you will not be permitted to take the examination.
  • Once the examination has started, listen carefully to all testing instructions.
    • ​The more information that you have about the examination process the more confident you will feel while taking the exam.
    • Listen specifically for information about how to fill in your answer sheet.
      • If you fill in your identification number incorrectly on your answer sheet, the computer will not be able to assign your examination score to you.
      • If you do not complete your answer sheet according to the directions, the computer may have difficulty reading your answers.
  • Listen for instructions about how much time you will be given to complete the examination and what to do when you are finished with it.
    • Ask your proctor if you have any questions about the exam. They are there to provide appropriate help to you.
  • Pace yourself during the examination.
    • Knowing how much time you have to complete the examination, you can figure out roughly the amount of time that you can spend on any one question.
      • Answer the easy questions within each subject first, then tackle the more difficult items.
    • Try to save some time at the end of the examination to review your responses to the more difficult questions and to check your answer sheet to be sure that you have not missed any questions.

Good luck on your next Civil Service examination!

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City of Pittsburgh Residency Requirement and Verification

Acceptable Documentation to Verify Legal Residence and Domicile

  • The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission will accept the following documents to verify legal residence, also known as domicile.
  • Additionally, the City reserves the right at all times to request clarification and/or other supporting evidence and documentation to ensure that City employees are compliant with Pittsburgh Code Chapter 181.02:
    • "All City employees and officials...shall be domiciled in the City at the time of their initial appointment and shall continuously maintain their domicile within the City throughout the terms of their employment with the City."
  • Under Pennsylvania law, a person can have only one legal residence or domicile. It is the place at which an individual has his fixed family home and principal establishment. Once established, an existing domicile is presumed to continue until a new one is shown to have been adopted.
  • One of the following documents must be presented to prove domicile and legal residence:
    • Current executed Lease Agreement (Include a canceled check for one month's payment or the security deposit).
    • Month-to-month leases require employees to verify with the Department of Personnel monthly that the lease has been maintained or when new residence is established. Or Mortgage payment booklet (document identifying homeowner name and property address). Or Title to domicile property.
  • In addition, two of the following supporting documents, showing the City address, must be presented:
    • Vehicle Registration Card
    • Vehicle Insurance Card
    • Current Gas Bill
    • Current Electric Bill
    • Current Telephone Bill
    • Current Cell Phone Bill
    • Current Cable Bill

*NOTE: A letter from the representative company confirming it is establishing service for the new resident is acceptable.

Prior to purchasing or renting a place of residence, applicants and employees may call the City of Pittsburgh Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission at 412-255-2710 to verify that the property is located within the City of Pittsburgh.

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Name and Address Changes

While you are either a current employee or an employment applicant with the City of Pittsburgh, you are required to notify the Department of Personnel if you change your address, telephone number or name. This is required so that we can notify you as needed regarding various employment information. If you have recently changed your address, phone number or name, please see the information sections below.

Please notify us within two weeks if you change your address, name, or phone number. Please visit the Department of Personnel on the Fourth Floor of the City-County Building, prepared to provide us with the following information:

  • Former Name/Address/Phone Number
  • New Name/Address/Phone Number
  • Department
  • Division/Bureau
  • Position
  • Payroll Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Residency Verification (for address changes)

If you have just changed your phone number, you may notify us by phone by calling 412-255-2710. If, however, you have changed your address, you must provide documentation to us to verify your City residency. Please select or click on City residency for verification information.

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