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Office of Municipal Investigations

The Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI) is responsible for coordinating the receipt, analysis and investigation of citizen complaints of civil and/or criminal misconduct alleged against employees of the City of Pittsburgh. This includes uniformed personnel such as Fire , Police, EMS, and Building Inspection employees.

OMI is not the only office that investigates complaints against officers of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. The Citizen's Police Review Board (the "CPRB") also accepts complaints against police officers. The CPRB is an independent agency that is empowered to investigate allegations of police misconduct and hold public hearing at which complainants, witnesses and police officers must appear.

Due to their overlapping authority, OMI and the CPRB may both investigate the same complaint of misconduct. Unlike the Citizen's Police Review Board, OMI must investigate all complaints against the Bureau of Police and must have its findings accepted by the Chief of Police.