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The mission of the Office of Management and Budget is to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources in order to sustain the delivery of quality services to the residents of the City of Pittsburgh. The Office of Management and Budget serves as a strategic business partner to promote actions to achieve the City’s priorities; establish and maintain sound fiscal policies; deliver a clear and accurate picture of the City’s current and future financial position; improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and integration of the City’s financial management processes; provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers; and stimulate behaviors across the organization to achieve strategic and financial objectives.

The Office of Management and Budget has been reorganized into the following core teams to strengthen city-wide financial management:


This team provides overall leadership and direction for the department; oversees departmental planning and management functions; handles all administrative and human resource functions for the Mayor’s Office, Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment, and Office of Management and Budget; and coordinates city-wide business processes such as legislation, position control, and travel requests.

Capital, Asset Management and Infrastructure Finance

This team is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the annual capital budget and six-year capital improvement program; planning and administration of the City’s asset management function; fleet operations and management of the fleet management contract; and the development and financial oversight of the City’s long-term infrastructure investment plan.

Government Operations and Finance Transformation

This team is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the annual operating budget and five-year forecast; long-term financial planning; financial policy development; maximizing opportunities to pursue, secure, and effectively administer grants from federal, state, county, corporate, and foundation partners; leading the transformation of the City’s finance functions through a redesign of the finance organization, talent, processes, and technologies; and the management of enterprise-wide projects that will have a significant financial and/or operational impact.


This team is responsible for organizing and directing the day-to-day operations of the procurement function; managing the intergovernmental purchasing agreement with Allegheny County; driving improvements in procurement processes, policies, and technology; and implementing cost management initiatives related to procurement, warehousing, and inventory management.

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