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All requests for a letter of support from the Office of the Mayor are due by the 10th day of every month. Applications are reviewed by the Mayor and staff using an evaluation rubric on a monthly basis. If necessary, a follow up meeting may be scheduled to further discuss the project. Please allow the appropriate amount of time for approval of a letter of support in your project planning timeline.

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1. Briefly describe the project--including its goals; the source and level of funding sought and the specific benefit of the project to the City. (max 300 words)

2. Clearly identify the specific role, if any, the City would have in the project--for example would City staff be expected to identify projects or would City facilities or equipment be utilized? If so will funding be utilized to support City personnel and costs? Provide an estimate of those costs and/or direct operational. How much equity does the requestor (developer/university/organization) have in the project? (max 200 words)

3. Does your program require an endorsement from the Mayor or the City? Does the program restrict the number of proposals the Mayor or the City can support? (max 100 words)

4. Detail your outreach to the community and/or other critical civic partners? In what forums? Please provide any formalized agreements or letters of support from appropriate community groups. What was the result of your community engagement? (informational, participatory etc.)

5. If this project involves construction, please describe how your project will address building performance through reduction in energy and water consumption, provide transportation options for consumers, mitigate storm water runoff, and encourage economic opportunity for Pittsburgh residents.? (max 300 words)

6. How will your project/program encourage innovative techniques or technologies? (max 100 words)

7. Do you have any recommendations from City authorities or City agencies? Ex. URA, Housing, PWSA, ALCOSAN etc. (max 100 words)

8. How would you describe strategic alignment of this project with the Mayor's priorities? (max 200 words)

9. If this project involves the County or County government is the plan consistent with the County's priorities? Do you have support of the County Executive? (max 100 words)

10. Have other organizations, developers, institutions or university faculty in the city applied for the same competitive funding? (max 100 words)

11.Upload a draft support letter for consideration.

12. Upload additional supporting documents

13. If applicable, upload:
(a) project plans;
(b) operating and construction budgets including estimated and requested public subsidy;
(c) estimated tax generation, job creation and tourism impacts;
(d) proposed parking plan and comprehensive transportation strategy;
(e) specific request being made of the Office of the Mayor.

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