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Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB)


The Citizen Police Review Board is an independent agency set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper police conduct. The CPRB is made up of seven appointed by City Council and the Mayor. Board members serve a four-year term.

Governing Documents

Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter, Article 2, Sec. 228-230 (1997)
Pittsburgh Code Title Six “Conduct,” Article VI “Citizen Police Review Board,” Ch. 661-662 (1997)
CPRB Rules and Operating Procedures (1998)

Appointment Guidelines

7 members - All appointed by Mayor of Pittsburgh

  • 4 are nominees from City Council
  • If one of those 4 seats are vacant, Council nominates 3, Mayor appoints one of them
  • 2 are law enforcement professionals (LEP)


Last Name First Name Term Expires Appointed By
Lucas Darby Emma 10/31/15 Mayor
Brown Joe 10/31/13 Council
Waters Thomas 10/31/15 Council
Norman* Ralph 10/31/15 Mayor
Roberts Leshonda 10/31/13 Mayor
McClellan* Karen 10/31/13 Council
Homick Paul 10/31/13 Council

* Law Enforcement Professional (LEP)

Residency Requirements

  • Must be a resident of the City of Pittsburgh
  • No felony or misdemeanor convictions
  • Vacant LEP seat must have an LEP appointee
    • LEP cannot be a sworn, active duty police officer


None. ($5/meeting reimbursement for parking or transportation)


Fourth Tuesday of every month, except August and November (November and December meetings are combined and occur on the first Tuesday of December).

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