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Ethics Hearing Board


This five member board is charged with enforcement and education as to the City’s Ethics Code. The Board issues advisory opinions, and works with the Personnel Department to implement a comprehensive training program, in addition to hearing Citizen Complaints.

Governing Documents

Additional Information

Mission Statement

Public service is a public trust. The City of Pittsburgh is committed to upholding that trust by requiring ethical conduct from all of its employees and officials, whether they be elected, appointed, or hired. City employees and officers are expected to maintain high standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, and fairness in carrying out their public duties, to avoid any impropriety in their roles as public servants, and to refrain from using their public position or power for personal gain.

The Ethics Hearing Board is vital in assuring that these goals are met. The Board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and City Council. In addition to hearing Citizen Complaints brought under the Ethics Code, the Board advises City employees on the application of the Ethics Code, and works with the Personnel Department to promote a comprehensive program of Ethics training.

Gift Disclosure

The City Ethics Code has recently been amended to require that Public Officials and Public Employees must disclose any gifts valued at over $100.00, except those received from an immediate family member. Additionally, any gifts which total over $100.00 from any single source other than an immediate family member must be reported. All qualifying gifts are to be reported on the publicly available database on the City Ethics Board web page.

The data displayed on the Gift Disclosure List page has been provided by the gift recipients themselves by means of a secure on-line form. Neither the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of City Information Systems or the Ethics Hearing Board have any responsibility for the contents of this gift disclosure database.

Appointment Guidelines

Five members

  • 2 appointed by Mayor; confirmed by City Council
  • 3 appointed by Mayor, each from a list of 3 nominees submitted by City Council


  • Shanicka Kennedy, Chair 
    • Term expires 8-1-2012
  • Rev. John Welch 
    • Term expires 8-1-2012
  • Anne Miller Smith
    • Term expires 8-1-2013
  • Rich Talarico
    • Term expires 8-1-2013
  • Pat Connelly 
    • Term expires 8-1-2014

Residency Requirements

All Board members are required to be residents of the City of Pittsburgh.




Meetings are held, as scheduled below, at 10:00 a.m. in City Council Chambers, Fifth Floor, City-County Building.

Contact Information

Please contact 412-255-2626 with any questions or concerns.



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