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Co-Working and Accelerator Spaces

About the Co-Working and Accelerator Project

Mayor William Peduto hosted a Roundtable discussion on Coworking Spaces and Startup Accelerators in the City of Pittsburgh.

This was the third of four Roundtable events, which included the Maker Movement, Clean Technology and the Startup Sector. The event was broadcasted live on the City Cable Channel (Comcast 13, Verizon 44).

The Mayor’s Roundtable Series was designed as an opportunity for the City to meet with the innovation community in Pittsburgh, promote their good work and create a continuing dialogue to keep Pittsburgh on the cutting edge.
Coworking Spaces, Startup Incubators and Accelerators are a key part of the continuing modernization, positioning Pittsburgh as a top 10 city for starting a business and a top 15 city for technology startups.

With its strong research universities and developing technological sector and, Pittsburgh is continuing to develop into a hub for innovation, collaboration and discovery.

Mayor's Co-Working and Accelerator Roundtable Summary Report

Summary Report.

Accelerator & Coworking Space Roundtable Map

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I&P aims to transform Pittsburgh into a world-class city through the intersections of technology, sustainability, and performance. While separate, like rotating wheel cogs, the three areas will only move forward when working together.

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