Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Safety Programs
Blood Pressure Screening

The Fire Bureau offers free blood pressure screening to all citizens on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The screenings take place at any of the following First Responder Stations.

NeighborhoodStreet Address
Arlington1945 Arlington Ave.
Beechview:1428 Beechview Ave.
Brighton Heights:1519 Orchlee St.
Brookline:630 Brookline Blvd.
Carrick:1704 Brownsville Rd.
East Liberty:5714 Penn Circle West
Elliot:916 Steuben St.
Greenfield:4156 Winterburn St.
Hays:514 Baldwin Rd.
Hazelwood:200 Flowers Ave.
Homewood:7024 Lemington Ave.
Homewood:7601 Hamilton Ave.
Lawrenceville:3958 Penn Ave.
Mt. Washington:96 Virginia Ave.
Northview Heights:198 Essen St.
Oakland2500 Allequippa Street
Observatory Hill:3914 Perrysville Ave.
Sheraden:3000 Chartiers Ave.
South Side:1729 Mary St.
Spring Garden:900 Spring Garden Ave.
Squirrel Hill:5858 Northumberland
Stanton Heights:4603 Stanton Ave.
Swisshelm Park:159 Homestead St.
Westwood:2100 Noblestown Rd.
Fire Prevention/Public Education

The Fire Safety Education Officer presents fire safety programs and demonstrations to community groups and schools. For more information on the public education programs, call the Fire Bureau Prevention Division at 412-255-2866.

If you wish to notify the Fire Bureau of a particular resident who is physically impaired (in case of an emergency at that person's address), please call 412-255-2860 . We will enter the information into the Computer Aided Dispatch System for notifying any responding emergency crews.

Smoke Detector Program

The Pittsburgh Fire Bureau will supply and install smoke detectors to any City resident that requests one. The request can be made by contacting the 311 Response Center, or by calling the Fire Bureau at 412-255-2863.


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