Real Estate Tax Delinquency

Are your City and School taxes Delinquent?

  • All prior year delinquent City and School real estate taxes have been turned over to Jordan Tax Service, Inc.
  • If you are having difficulty paying your taxes, Jordan Tax Service, Inc. does offer payment plans and, if you qualify, hardship payment plans.
  • We strongly urge you to contact Jordan Tax Service, Inc. at 412-345-7960 to inquire about making payment arrangements.
  • Please call Jordan Tax Service, Inc. for the current balance due for prior years on your account(s).

Tax Delinquency Report?

The City and School District of Pittsburgh have a contract with Jordan Tax Services for the collection of delinquent City and School District real estate taxes. All listed delinquencies are collected and serviced by Jordan Tax Services. Please contact them at (412) 345-7960 for total amounts due. 

These accounts are delinquent as of February 21, 2018. Payments received after this date are not reflected on the document.


The information appearing on this website has been provided by the Real Estate Division of the Department of Finance of the City of Pittsburgh and The Pittsburgh School District

solely for the benefit and convenience of the taxpayer/owner, and is not intended for any other use or purpose.

Although the information provided on this website will be periodically updated, any such changes will be made no more than once per week.

The user is cautioned that this website may not correctly identify the current owner(s) of record of a parcel of real property if title to a parcel has been transferred and the City of Pittsburgh has not yet been officially notified of said transfer and the identity (ies) of the new owner(s) by the Office of Property Assessments of Allegheny County.

The amounts shown as delinquent City of Pittsburgh and/or School District of Pittsburgh real estate taxes are based upon assessment information provided to the City by the Office of Property Assessments. Therefore, said amounts may not reflect increases or reductions in taxes resulting from assessment appeals which have been decided by the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review or the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County if the City has not yet received formal written notice of said assessment changes from the Office of Property Assessments. If the amount of the City and School Delinquency is less than $50.00 the account may not be displayed. In addition, the amounts shown as delinquent City of Pittsburgh and School District of Pittsburgh real estate taxes may not reflect payments on account which have been made after the date that this website was last updated or which have not yet been processed.

The taxpayer/owner is encouraged to notify the Real Estate Division of the Department of Finance if the taxpayer/owner believes that any of the information appearing on this website is incorrect or incomplete. Such notice should be in writing and should be forwarded to:

City of Pittsburgh
Real Estate Department
Web Update
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


The phone lines within the City of Pittsburgh's real estate division are not working due to a mechanical malfunction. Please use the email address RealEstateTaxInfo@pittsburghpa.gov if you need to contact the real estate division for any reason. If email is unavailable to you, please call 412-255-2786 and leave a voicemail. The real estate staff will return all calls as quickly as possible. Thank you.