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Managing Your Waste

Starting on Tuesday, December 27th, please help us keep your Christmas trees off the curb and out of the landfill! 

In the spirit of giving and sharing, residents can drop-off their unwanted Christmas trees at any of our participating drop-offs, free of charge

In addition to the year-round yard debris drop-offs, Environmental Services will also be providing an additional Christmas Tree drop-off in the Strip District for your convenience. 

Your trees will be shredded and can be used as mulch in and around the City. This program will run through the end of January. 

Be sure to remove all unaccepted items before drop-off:

  • Ornaments
  • Lights
  • Stands
  • Plastic Bags
  • Netting

Drop-Off Locations

Please click on individual locations below for more information, including hours, addresses and phone numbers:



Yard Debris Fee Schedule

Christmas Trees (Any vehicle) No charge
Cars and SUVs No charge
Cars and SUVs with trailer $20.00 per load.
Pickup Trucks and Vans $20.00 per load.
Pickup Trucks and Vans with trailer $30.00 per load.
Dump Trucks or Large Boxed Vans with prior approval from Division Supervisor $50.00 per load.

Payments accepted at yard debris drop-off by money orders only. Make orders payable to the City of Pittsburgh Treasurer.

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