City of Pittsburgh Council District 7
Green Plans for Pittsburgh

Councilwoman Gross and Councilman O'Connor discussed green infrastructure plans with WESA's Essential Pittsburgh.  Listen to the interview by clicking below.

Assessing Childcare Options

Councilwoman Gross helps introduce legislation aimed at looking at the City's childcare options.  This issue touches on a variety of concerns for families and neighborhoods including local employment, community development, and neighborhood assets.  

Exploring Alternative Sidewalk Materials

On January 22nd Councilwoman Gross held a post agenda to discuss and explore the idea of using materials other than concrete for Pittsburgh's sidewalks.  Other possibilities could potentially lead to safer sidewalks and help protect the city's tree canopy.  

Legislation to Protect Pregnant Workers

Councilwoman Gross introduced and asssited in the passing of legislation aimed at protecting the rights of pregnant workers.  

Heth's Run Bridge Dedication

“We’re only just starting,” Ms. Gross said. “It’ll be many more years of work, but it’s really going to be a jewel.”

New Tools to Fight Pittsburgh's Blight

Councilwoman Gross and Ronnell Guy of the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing discuss the potential power of the newly created Pittsburgh Land Bank.

In the News

Find more articles involving Councilwoman Gross, City Council, and District 7 neighborhoods here.


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