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Highland Park

Highland Park sits in the northeast corner of the City, and is adjacent to East Liberty, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, Larimer, and Morningside. Highland Park was settled by Alexander Negley in 1778 and annexed to the City in 1868. The tree-lined streets filled with Victorian, Tudor, and Colonial homes--from modest to grand--characterize this family-oriented neighborhood. Annual events in Highland Park include the Walking Tour of historically and architecturally significant homes and the Highland Fling, which features live music, crafts, and food.

If your favorite pastimes are talking to elephants, petting llamas, and dancing with polarbears, then Highland Park is the neighborhood for you. This neighborhood is home to the Pittsburgh Zoo, situated among the hills and greenery of the Park for which the neighborhood is named.  

Highland Park is a sprawling, 500-acre park with tennis courts, a public swimming pool, and picnic areas. Edward Bigelow, the park's founder, called it "the finest breathing room in the City," and people come from all over the City to enjoy its green space. The park's 100-year history is still living today in its many historic monuments, hand-crafted sculptures, and ornate gateways.  Also, the wooded trails and secluded greenery make Highland Park an ideal getaway for joggers, walkers, roller bladers, cyclists, picnickers and nature enthusiasts. Just for the kids, there is the Super Playground, a community designed and built playground that sparks the imagination of children of all ages. 

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