Council District 6
Councilman Lavelle Introduces Will of Council in Support of Rivers Casino Workers' Right to Unionize

Councilman Lavelle introduced in Council on May 14, 2013 a Will of Council expressing support of Rivers Casino employees’ efforts to unionize. The statement calls on the Rivers Casino to provide a fair and transparent process for employees to form a union. The Will of Council reads as follows:

WHEREAS, the Rivers Casino Workers are publicly standing up and demanding a fair process to form a union; and 

WHEREAS, the Rivers Casino was welcomed to Pittsburgh on the promise that good quality jobs would be provided to the community, and the best way to ensure good quality jobs is for the Rivers to have a fair process through which to form a union; and 

WHEREAS, workers at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, at Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie, and at Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland have improved their jobs by forming a union, and their employers have honored their choices by agreeing to a free, fair and quick process whereby the union was recognized once the majority of workers had signed union cards; and 

WHEREAS, Rivers Workers demand a similar process for union approval, calling on the Rivers to refrain from hiring anti-union consultants, to refrain from requiring workers to attend mandatory anti-union meetings, and to refrain from using firings, suspensions and intimidation tactics to stall unionization; and 

WHEREAS, Rivers Workers request the Rivers to agree in advance that it will respect the will of the majority of its workers by recognizing the workers’ union if 50% plus one sign union cards authorizing the union to represent them; and, 

WHEREAS, Pittsburgh’s union history has proven that everyone benefits when workers have the right and the power to improve their jobs; 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh does hereby stand by the Rivers workers until the Rivers Casino respects their demand for a free and fair process to form a union and fulfills its promise of good jobs for our community. 

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