City of Pittsburgh Council District 6

I am excited to have you visit our newly launched District 6 website.  We have just begun the 137th council session.  I am humbled and honored that you have chosen me to represent you on Pittsburgh City Council. As the council has recently reorganized I am currently the Chair for the committee on Land Use and Economic Development.  As an additional responsibility of this office I serve on the board of the Urban Redevelopment Authority.  It is truly gratifying experience to represent the Northside, Oakland, the Hill District, the Golden Triangle and the Strip for the City of Pittsburgh.

As we move into 2012, I would like to reiterate my goal of making District 6 more attractive, safe and prosperous for everyone that resides within it.  People will come back to live here: our children will stay here and we will succeed here.  As this is a guiding principle for my office, let me mention a few items that we have done since coming to office to assist in reaching this goal.

I have initiated a district-wide community health and wellness focus.  Our “Fit in Six” initiative will help increase the awareness of current health issues affecting the district while providing fun options to promote a healthier outlook for life.  In 2011 we hosted a health and wellness fair in Market Square as well as a Youth Basketball Tournament.

To ensure that I am consistently reaching the community and hearing your concerns, I have a number of community “Meet and Greets” as well as remote office locations scheduled throughout the year, please take a moment to review the calendar for a date and location near you.

I am currently working on some specific pieces of legislation for this year; the responsible banking bill, a revised noise ordinance, and a local hiring bill.  I welcome your thoughts or concerns on these topics.

I appreciate your civil engagement and hope that you will provide your feedback and concerns on issues affecting this great city.

Best Regards,

R. Daniel Lavelle

Monday, March 5, 2012

Office of Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle
414 Grant Street, 5th Floor | City County Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
telephone: 412-255-2134 | facsimile 412-255-0737


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