City of Pittsburgh Council District 6
Sponsored Legislation

Term 2014

2014-0025, LAND BANKING, passed 4/22
Ordinance establishing the creation of a Pittsburgh Land Bank that would ensure equitable, transparent, and efficient operations by serving as a single entity to acquire, hold, and dispose of vacant property and ensure that communities affected by vacant land have substantial and meaningful involvement in its decisions relating to those communities.

2014-0644, passed 7/29
Ordinance stating employers may not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression.

2014-0708, presented 8/4, sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance amending Specially Planned DistrictS to include a housing impact analysis for the Lower Hill Civic Arena site and the surrounding area, as well as a plan to achieve 30% affordable housing.

2014-0761, PITTSBURGH WORKS, presented 9/9, sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance stating an expansion of a local hiring bill by the same name that was originally implemented in 1999, whereby City residents with very low household incomes will be given opportunities for employment on City subsidized projects.

2014-0808, passed 10/1, sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Resolution approving execution of a Contract for Disposition by Sale of Land by and between the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and the Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh (SEA) and Allegheny County for the sale of a portion of Block 2-C, Lot 300 situated in 3rd Ward of the City of Pittsburgh in the Mellon Arena Redevelopment Area, on which SEA will construct new streets and associated public infrastructure.

2014-1095, introduced 12/2, amended by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance establishing dynamic pricing for parking meters in the City of Pittsburgh, which sets parking meters rates based on economics of supply and demand. The original bill extended meter enforcement Downtown from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Councilman Lavelle introduced an amendment that would keep parking enforcement Downtown until 6:00 p.m.

2014 Budget Amendments introduced by Councilman Lavelle
Budget allocation for facility improvements to Kennard Field; budget allocation for facility improvements to Freedom Corner; budget allocation for the hiring of a Fire Inspector in the Bureau of Fire, as per the Fire Chief's request for more inspectors; budget allocation upgrading a part-time Assistant Solicitor position in the Law Department to full-time, with the role of overseeing housing and building code violations.

Term 2013

2013-1284, presented 3/12, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Will of Council urging Governor Tom Corbett to use tobacco settlement funds to restart adultBasic, a health care program that provided coverage to Pennsylvanians who did not receive insurance from their employers and earned too much money to qualify for Medicaid, or were too young to receive Medicare.
2013-1307, passed 4/2, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Resolution authorizing the adoption of a sewage facilities plan for the 28 acres site of the former Civic Arena in the Lower Hill District.
2013-1450, presented 5/14, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Will of Council stating support from City Council for Rivers Casino Workers demand for a free and fair process to form a union.
2013-1529, passed 5/23, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Resolution authorizing the Sport and Exhibition Authority to file, together with Allegheny County, an application for a TIGER grant in the max amount of $20 million for infrastructure development of the 28 acres site of the former Civic Arena in the Lower Hill District.
2013-1647, passed 7/9, Sponsored by Councilpersons Daniel Lavelle, Darlene Harris, Natalia Rudiak, Bruce Kraus
Resolution authorizing the Department of City Planning to implement the creation of Historic Conservation Districts in Pittsburgh. A Conservation District is a zoning overlay that protects certain neighborhood characteristics.
2013-1648, passed 7/9, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance amending the Pittsburgh City Code for valet parking, which shifts management responsibilities of valet licensing from the Police Department to the Department of Public Works, and which establishes penalties for violations.
2013-1666, passed 9/24, Sponsored by Councilpersons Daniel Lavelle and Theresa Smith
Ordinance establishing a vacant property registry for abandoned residential properties that are pending foreclosure. These are properties to which a bank has initiated foreclosure proceedings and where the property has been vacated, but in which the foreclosure process has not been completed.

Term 2012

2012-0143, passed 3/13, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance amending the Pittsburgh City Code, Title Six: Conduct, Article VI: Citizen Police Review Board, Chapter §662.04(e), Section (7), by delineating the process to follow should the appointing authority fail to designate a successor for an expired seat in the Citizens Police Review Board, and amending Pittsburgh City Code, Title Six: Conduct, Article VI: Citizen Police Review Board, Chapter §662.04(f), Sections (2) & (3), by delineating the process to follow for nominations of vacant terms to the Citizens Police Review Board that require confirmation from the Mayor, and for vacant terms requiring confirmation from City Council.

2012-0014, passed 4/17, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance amending and supplementing the Pittsburgh Code, Title Two-Fiscal, Article Three-Depositories, Chapter 221-Contracts, by requiring financial institutions seeking to become City depositories to make a commitment to community reinvestment and responsible banking and instructing the City Controller to evaluate banks with which the City does business as to their success or failure in meeting this commitment.

2012-0244, passed 5/8, Sponsored by Councilpersons Lavelle, Burgess, Harris, Dowd and Smith
Resolution authorizing a Cooperative Agreement or Agreements with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County providing for the assignment of parking tax revenues from new interim parking on the footprint of the Civic Arena for the purpose of Hill Redevelopment.

2012-0702, passed 9/4, Presented by Councilman Lavelle
Resolution authorizing the Mayor or the Director of City Planning, to enter into a Grant Agreement with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) as a participant in the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge. IBM will provide $350,000.00 in consulting services at their own expense. The services are in support of IBM staff who will help the City of Pittsburgh identify ways to improve or enhance transportation solutions.

2012-0530, passed 12/4, Sponsored by Councilpersons Lavelle and Burgess
Ordinance amending the Pittsburgh Code by adding new language and amending current language to elevate the Equal Opportunity Review Commission to departmental status, as well as provide it with the ability to track minority and female business participation in City contracts.

2012-0533, passed 12/4, Sponsored by Councilpersons Lavelle and Burgess
Resolution authorizing the Mayor and the City Solicitor to enter into an agreement or agreements or contract or contracts for the purpose of updating the City's disparity study, at a cost not to exceed $250,000.

Term 2011

2010-0568, passed 7/12, Sponsored by all of Council
Ordinance requiring the retrofitting of construction vehicles at City subsidized projects. Also known as the “Clean Air Act of 2010”, the intent is to reduce air-pollution levels in the City of Pittsburgh.

2011-1480, passed 3/22
Ordinance authorizing the City of Pittsburgh to enter into an intergovernmental cooperation agreement with the County of Allegheny under which the City and the County jointly will share and implement a financial reporting system known as Enterprise Resource Planning.

2011-1615, died at the end of the 2011 legislative calendar, but has been reintroduced in 2012
Ordinance prohibiting unfair discrimination in City hiring practices against persons previously convicted. Also known as the ban-the-box initiative, this bill would not require job applicants applying for City contracted positions to disclose prior convictions on their criminal record.

2011-1916, passed 12/20, Sponsored by Councilman Dowd, Lavelle & Shields
Ordinance regulating the use of electronic media for advertising and non-advertising signs as a special exception. Among the provisions included in the bill are restrictions as to where new electronic sign can be located, defined light level limits for electronic signs, and the creation of a mechanism for establishing special signage design districts. Councilman Lavelle has introduced an amendment that adds a definition for mid-level public destination facilities, which would provide guidelines for areas such as the Cultural District Downtown.

2011-2244, passed 11/14, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle
Ordinance prohibiting refuse collection activities between the hours of 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. within any residentially zoned district, within 1000ft of a residentially zoned district, and within 100ft of a residential structure. A residential structure is defined in the bill as a structure where at least 50% of the floor space is used for residential purposes. This bill was created to protect residents downtown.

2011-2317, passed 11/29, Sponsored by Councilman Lavelle & Peduto
Ordinance suspending nighttime parking enforcement of parking meters after 6:00 p.m. until January 1, 2013. An additional clause also suspends enforcement after 4:00 p.m. on Fridays and all day Saturday and Sunday until January 1, 2012.

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