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It is no mystery that health care costs have been rising at a precipitous rate, with the trend expected to continue in coming years. Recent studies point to health care costs as one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the US. As a nation, we are similarly struggling with a health epidemic evidenced by high and increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and general disability. The result is a lower life expectancy when compared against similar nations around the world.

To combat these troubling trends, it is important to shift the focus from a reactive response to health issues which focuses on sick care, to a strategy based on wellness and prevention. Education is key, to get the word out on simple measures one can take to lead a healthier and active lifestyle. As the Council representative to District 6, I am guided by the principle that a healthy community is a vibrant community, and am committed to advocate on behalf of a healthy District 6 through my health and wellness policy initiative: Fit in Six.

Fit in Six’s goal is to promote a healthier community. It was developed to encourage a better maintenance of self and families throughout the district. Events hosted by my office under the Fit in Six banner have included health and wellness fairs and sports tournaments.

Our first Fit in Six event, the Health & Wellness Fair of 2011 hosted at Market Square, offered services such as free health screenings, dietary information, and cooking demonstrations. We have also hosted sporting events to provide outlets for healthy activities for the youth in our district, such as the first District 6 3-on-3 basketball tournament and the Latino Heritage Soccer Cup, a 6-on-6 soccer tournament hosted during Hispanic Heritage month.

Stay tuned to our website for announcements of future Fit in Six events, including further iterations of the Health & Wellness Fair, basketball tournament and soccer tournament. If you or your organization is interested in partnering with our office regarding health and wellness initiatives, please contact us at (412) 255-2134, as we work together to make District 6 and the greater Pittsburgh region a healthier place to live.

A Healthy Community is a Vibrant Community.

R. Daniel Lavelle


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