City of Pittsburgh Council District 6
On Tuesday, June 25, Pittsburgh City Council voted down the measure to expand the Mexican War Streets historic district. Although the issue stirred contentious debate from those in favor and in opposition to the application for expansion, a common agreement expressed from both sides was concern over demolitions occurring in the neighborhood.
In order to address the issue of unwanted city-led demolitions, I sponsored, together with Council President Harris and Councilwoman Rudiak, a resolution proposing the creation of conservation districts in the City of Pittsburgh. The resolution, which can be accessed here, confirms that the City Planning Department is currently working on the development of historic conservation overlay district guidelines for incorporation into the City Code. Such districts are similar to historic districts in the protection they offer to structures against demolitions.
Additionally, the resolution includes a clause establishing a moratorium on demolitions in the boundaries comprised by the National Register Nomination of 2008, which reflects the boundaries in the application for expansion of the Mexican War Streets historic district. The City’s Public Safety director has agreed to the terms of the moratorium with the exception of structures that pose an imminent public safety threat.
For any questions, please conact the District Six office at 412-255-2134.
R. Daniel Lavelle
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Office of Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle
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Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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