City of Pittsburgh Council District 6
Bills Strengthen EORC's Authority and Authorizes Update of the Disparity Study



I am pleased to announce that Council approved today two pieces of legislation today aimed at improving minority and women owned business participation in authority and city awarded contracts. Bills 2012-0530 and 2012-0533, sponsored by myself and Councilman Burgess’ office, strengthens the Equal Opportunity Review Commission (EORC) and authorizes the city to update the 2001 disparity study.

An audit by the City Controller earlier this year confirmed that the EORC had not been able to track its goals of 18% minority participation and 7% female participation in city contracts. Some key components of Bill 2012-0530 are that it now allows the EORC to track MWBE participation in all authority and city contracts. It elevates the commission to department level, and creates a director’s position that would report would report directly to the Mayor and Council. The bill also requires the city to buy software for the commission to track and verify how much work minority and female businesses receive, and issue quarterly and yearly reports to Council and the Mayor. In addition the bill creates a proposal review process, post-award participation and payment confirmation process and a compliance review process. Lastly, the bill gives the City power to both rescind contacts and impose sanctions upon contractors and subcontractors found to be in non-compliance.

The companion piece, bill 2012-0533, authorizes the City to enter into an agreement or contract for the purpose of updating the City's disparity study from 2001 and provides the funding to do so. The City was required to update the study in 2008 and 2012, but the 2008 update never took place. It is an essential component of providing fair access and equal opportunities to disadvantaged businesses, and together with the EORC bill, will provide a powerful tool to ensure MWBEs receive equitable consideration in the Authority’s and City’s contracting process.



R. Daniel Lavelle

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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