City of Pittsburgh Council District 4

Revitalizing our City Parks

South Pittsburgh is special for so many reasons, and one of my favorites is our plentitude of parks and greenspace. After hearing many concerns from residents about the park's condition, we pushed public works to refurbish the playground with new play surface and equipment repairs. 

Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Our office receives thousands of calls each year from constituents with a wide variety of concerns-- from questions about small business resources to concerns about public safety and city services. In many cases, an issue requires additional research, phone calls, and collaboration with City departments, authorities, and even non-profit service providers. We do our absolute best to follow issues through to the resolution, keeping detailed notes and files to ensure that we have a reference for similar issues in the future. 

One of the most complex issues we deal with is vacant or ill-maintained properties. In Bon Air, we've worked with neighbors to address several such properties. Partnering with the Bureau of Building Inspection, we've successfully enforced building and property maintenance codes, and held banks and irresponsible property owners accountable to mowing the grass or fixing unsightly homes in their possession. We want people to be proud of their neighborhoods, and keeping them clean is an essential piece of that effort. 


The Office of Councilmember Natalia Rudiak
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