What are Neighborhood Conservation Districts?

NCD are a zoning overlay tool intended to protect a neighborhood’s unique character. This overlay will consider the relationship between place and
architecture; the community’s demographics; as well as the neighborhood’s culture and environmental characteristics.
Conservation Districts will be used to protect, restore, preserve and enhance significant areas within a community beyond what is specified in the standard zoning code with the intention to promote growth and enhance the wellbeing of Neighborhood Conservation Districts the community.

The Need of a Conservation Districts Working Group

In order to implement the work that Winter & Co. produced, the Department of City Planning is in need to establish the basic structure of Conservation Districts definition City-Wide and the Guidelines that will govern this overlay.

The definition of CD requires a broad consensus among experts in design, urban sociology, architecture, art and culture with a strong knowledge of the City’s neighborhoods. The CD City-Wide guidelines will also require to be tested and proven in different areas prior agreement.

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