Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is a nine member panel appointed by the Mayor for six-year, staggered terms. The Commission is charged with guiding land use and land development within the City. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to City Council concerning the Zoning Ordinance and zoning maps, and then reviews major development and redevelopment proposals.

To receive the Planning Commission agenda via email, please contact Dolores Hanna at dolores.hanna@pittsburghpa.gov or (412) 255-2473.

Planning Commission Meetings

City Planning Commission meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoon and are open to the public. Meetings take place downtown, on the 1st floor of the Civic Building at 200 Ross Street.  At approximately  1:00 p.m., the Commission hears project briefings that are off the official record.  Hearing and action begins no earlier than 2:00 p.m. Public comment is limited to 3 minutes per person, per project, and is taken for projects on the agenda for hearing and action.  For more information, please click here to download a handout on the process.

In addition, on each meeting date of the Planning Commision, the following committee meetings may also be held at the same location: Zoning/Plan of Lots and the Committee of the Whole. These meetings are open to the public. Please contact staff to see if such meetings are occurring as well as their time and location.

Projects Reviewed by Planning Commission

  • New Construction and Renovations within Five Districts:
    • Downtown
    • Downtown Riverfront
    • Planned Development
    • Baum-Centre Overlay
    • Steep Slope Overlay
  • High Wall Signs
  • Zoning Map and Zoning Code Text Changes
  • Institutional Master Plans
  • Planned Development Districts
  • Lot Consolidations and Subdivisions
  • Conditional Uses
  • Historic landmark nominations


  • Christine Mondor, Chairwoman
  • Lashawn Burton-Faulk, Vice Chairwoman
  • Paul Gitnik, Secretary
  • Jennifer Askey
  • Fred Brown
  • Dina Blackwell
  • Sabina Deitrick 
  • Becky Mingo
  • Jean Holland Dick

Planning Commission Process

General Project Submissions

Each project requires various submissions, based on the scope of that project. Examples of submissions include:

  • Development Review Application
  • Check or money order for the zoning fee
  • Site plan including surrounding streets/context
  • Building elevations
  • Landscaping plan
  • Traffic study
  • Automobile and bicycle parking plans
  • Stormwater management plan

NOTE: Please review the Planning Commission handout here for more detailed submission requirements. 

Planning Commission Meetings

City Planning Commission meetings are held every other Tuesday beginning in the early afternoon. They are located downtown on the 1st floor of the Civic Building at 200 Ross Street.

At approximately 1 PM, the Commission hears project briefings off of the official record. The public is welcome to observe, but no public comments are taken. The briefing portion of the meeting provides an initial presentation to the Commission, then projects return in two weeks on the Hearing and Action agenda.

Hearing and Action begins no earlier than 2 PM.  Applicants make a presentation again, including any revisions or additional information requested by the Commission during briefing. Public comment is then accepted—limited to 3 minutes per person, per project. The Commission usually votes on projects the same day they are presented for Hearing and Action.

To receive the Planning Commission agenda via email, please contact Dolores Hanna at dolores.hanna@pittsburghpa.gov or (412) 255-2473.

*Please note that the presentations do not necessarily represent a complete or accurate depiction of the materials presented at the final Planning Commission hearing or the final iteration of the materials reviewed and voted upon by the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission Presentations

Two presentations are required to receive Planning Commission approval—Briefing and then Hearing and Action. City Planning staff introduces each project before the applicant’s presentation. In most cases we recommend that the property owner and project designer attend the meetings; either party can make the presentation.

Planning Commission presentations should generally be between 10-15 minutes long. Electronic presentations are required and a computer and projector are available. Submit digital presentations as a single pdf a week prior to the Briefing. Hard copies (12) are required for the Commission members on the day of Hearing and Action only.

Public Input

Public testimony is welcome during Planning Commission hearings and is limited to 3 minutes.  Any person who intends to testify in behalf of an organization such as a chamber of commerce, community group, etc., shall provide a “Letter of Authorization” from the appropriate duly appointed officers before testifying.  No advance registration is required, but interpreters for the hearing impaired will be provided with 4 days’ notice by contacting Richard Meritzer at 412-255-2102.  Written testimony may also be sent in advance of any Commission hearing.  Correspondence can be emailed to dolores.hanna@pittsburghpa.gov  or dropped off or mailed to 200 Ross Street, Suite 309, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. 

After Planning Commission

Please contact staff to determine the appropriate next steps in the application process. For more information see the After Planning Commission handout.

Next steps may include review of the final site plan, landscaping details, bike and automobile parking details, and building elevations. If a transportation study was done during the zoning review process, then final approval by the Transportation Planner and Traffic Engineer will likely be a condition of Planning Commission approval.

For projects requiring City Council approval, legislation needs to be prepared and sent to City Council. The City Clerk’s Office will work to schedule a public hearing, which requires a mailed and posted notice. City Council agendas are available here.

Planning Commissions Archived Schedules

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01/26/2016 pdf pdf pdf
02/09/2016 pdf pdf pdf
02/23/2016 pdf pdf pdf
03/08/2016 pdf pdf pdf
03/22/2016 pdf pdf pdf
04/05/2016 pdf pdf pdf
04/19/2016 pdf pdf pdf
05/03/2016 pdf pdf pdf
05/17/2016 pdf pdf pdf
05/31/2016 pdf pdf pdf
06/14/2016 pdf pdf pdf
06/28/2016 pdf pdf pdf
07/12/2016 pdf pdf pdf
07/26/2016 pdf pdf pdf
09/06/2016 pdf pdf pdf
09/20/2016 pdf pdf pdf
10/04/2016 pdf pdf pdf
10/18/2016 pdf pdf pdf
11/01/2016 pdf pdf pdf
11/15/2016 pdf pdf pdf
11/29/2016 pdf pdf pdf
12/13/2016 pdf n/a pdf


01/13/2015 pdf pdf pdf
01/27/2015 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
02/10/2015 pdf pdf pdf
02/24/2015 pdf pdf pdf
03/10/2015 pdf pdf pdf
03/24/2015 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
04/07/2015 pdf pdf pdf
04/21/2015 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
05/05/2015 pdf pdf pdf
05/19/2015 pdf pdf pdf
06/02/2015 pdf pdf pdf
06/16/2015 pdf pdf pdf
06/30/2015 pdf pdf pdf
07/14/2015 pdf pdf pdf
07/28/2015 pdf pdf pdf
09/01/2015 pdf pdf pdf
09/15/2015 pdf pdf pdf
09/29/2015 pdf pdf pdf
10/13/2015 pdf pdf pdf
10/27/2015 pdf pdf pdf
11/10/2015 pdf pdf pdf
11/24/2015 pdf pdf pdf
12/08/2015 pdf pdf pdf



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01/13/2014 pdf - n/a pdf - n/a pdf - n/a
01/21/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
02/04/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
02/18/2014 pdf pdf pdf
03/04/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
03/18/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
04/01/2014 pdf pdf pdf
04/15/2014 pdf pdf pdf
04/29/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
05/13/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
05/27/2014 pdf pdf pdf
06/10/2014 pdf pdf pdf
06/24/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
07/08/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
07/22/2014 pdf pdf pdf
08/05/2014 pdf pdf pdf
09/09/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
09/23/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
10/07/2014 pdf pdf pdf
10/21/2014 pdf pdf pdf
11/04/2014 pdf pdf pdf
11/18/2014 pdf pdf - n/a pdf
12/02/2014 pdf pdf pdf