Civil Service Commission (CSC)
CSC Application & Selection Process Overview

At the close of an application period for a position recruitment, the set of submitted applications are reviewed by Personnel Analysts to determine eligibility.  Applicant qualifications are considered based on the established minimum requirements.  Those who are determined not eligible have the Civil Service ability to appeal the determination to the Civil Service Commission. 

Some positions require a Civil Service examination as part of the process for determining eligibility.  For those types of positions, candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be scheduled for the examination.  Those who pass the examination will have their name added to the Civil Service Eligibility List for the position.  Lists vary in how long they remain active (See Civil Service Rule IV).

For positions that do not require an examination, those who are determined eligible for a position also have their names added to the Eligibility List.  Hiring City Department Directors/Bureau Chiefs use the Eligibility Lists to select candidates to interview and/or hire.  Many City of Pittsburgh positions are covered under union collective bargaining agreements and therefore union employees may be given first consideration to some positions and/or be contractually obligated to some positions.

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