Pittsburgh City Council · Noise Task Force

Pittsburgh, PA - On May 25, 2011, Council members Bruce Kraus and Patrick Dowd, co-chairs of the City Council Noise Task Force, announced the creation of a Noise Line to collect citizen input about noise issues from all around the City of Pittsburgh.

The Noise Line is now closed. We received over 500 messages during the six weeks it was open, and heard from nearly half of the city's neighborhoods. Thanks to the citizens of Pittsburgh for all of your input. It is tremendously helpful to us as we work on new noise legislation.

The seven most common types of complaints to the Noise Line are listed below, starting with the most frequent. These seven categories made up half of all complaints.

  1. Motorcycles
  2. Automobile sound systems
  3. Loud music, TVs or shouting from neighbors
  4. Dogs barking outside for extended periods
  5. Leaf blowers and other residential power tools and equipment
  6. Garbage pickup
  7. Industrial noise in residential neighborhoods


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