Pittsburgh City Council
Council Budget Office

Budget Director
Bill Urbanic 
Phone:  412-255-2147
Fax:  412-255-2821

City Council's Budget Office monitors city finances and conducts independent analyses of city operations.  They prepare and distribute  to Council periodic reports on revenues, expenditures, and other financial trends relative to the financial operation and fiscal condition of the City of Pittsburgh.  They supervise and review City Council's annual operating and capital budgets and compile special reports and executive summaries for Council to assist them in their deliberations.

Fiscal Focus Pittsburgh

Through Fiscal Focus Pittsburgh, users can create, analyze, and download customized reports based on the financial data for the current budget or up to the current month. 

At the touch of a button, users can drill down to finite details or scale up to the big picture.  

Click here to examine OpenGov interactive budget data.


 Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)

Older CAFRs can be found on the Controller's website here: pittsburghpa.gov/controller/cafr

Important Documents

Recent Presentations


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