Website Release Notes

Current designation: Website v3.0


"New" - New features, components or functionality 
"Improvements" - Improvements made to existing features 
"Fixes" - Bugs(technical issues) that have been fixed 
"Known Issues" - Issues that the Web Team are aware of and/or found by the public 
"Operations" - Any changes/improvements that have been done to the servers

v3.0 814.2017
New Complete revamp in design, function, usability and accessibility.
Improvements All components and features are new. More details to follow in upcoming release.
Fixes Adjustments made to Press  Releases, Alerts and Blurb modules. These are correlated between the Website and Redtail CMS.
Operations Launching with PostgreSQL 9, new server architecture, new Content Management System "Redtail"
Known Issues
  • Target tabs have no highlight
  • Department Meeting Schedules need updated
  • Citizen Knowledge Guide
  • Update some Department hero banner images
  • Add more images to several department pages